Poll: Should Microsoft be worried about Android on Chrome OS?

Windows 10 is gaining more and more app support but its biggest threat may be the newly announced ability for Chrome OS to run Android apps. This may not be a serious issue at all, or it could have Satya Nadella shaking in his boots. That's why this week's poll asks the question: should Microsoft should be worried?

There are some solid arguments already out there that Microsoft should be worried. Windows Central put up a piece on the topic last week and the Verge's article on the new option for Chrome OS illustrates why Google has made a big step.

Personally, I think Android apps on Chrome OS could spark a major growth of what has to date not been considered much of a rival to Microsoft, the Chromebook. 2-in-1s are on the rise and Microsoft has a strong platform in Windows 10. I certainly don't think that platform will fail or falter but some users may be lured away by 1.5 million apps on a laptop.

Part of this battle is the app gap, part is public perception, and part is modern apps vs programs. While Android will bring 1.5 million apps to laptops, Windows 10 already has millions of legacy apps. The question is, in what direction will the computing market go?

My guess is that consumers will lean toward using the apps and services that they love, which Android/Chrome will provide. Conversely, I think that producers of content will lean towards PCs or Macs depending on their preference.

But that's why we have polls. Vote in this week's poll and share your thoughts in the comments below. We already discussed this on last week's WinBeta Podcast, and now we want to hear from you.

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