Poll: Microsoft Lumia 'Cityman' and 'Talkman' flagships nearly here, which one will you be buying?

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The Windows Phone community has been crying for new flagship devices for a long time now. The last time the platform had a luxury device to showcase on was back in October 2013 when Nokia unveiled the Lumia 1520 in Abu Dhabi.
You could argue that six months later, Nokia unveiled the ‘flagship’ Lumia 930, but that device was really just a smaller version of the 1520 minus the SD card slot and the Glance screen, so it didn’t count in our books as a “new flagship”. Since then, Microsoft has been focused on mid and low-end Lumia models, the types of smartphones that remain Windows Phone’s bread and butter. That strategy unfortunately left Windows Phone fans that wanted a true flagship in the cold until news finally broke of codename ‘Talkman’ and ‘Cityman’.
‘Talkman’ is reportedly the codename of the Lumia 950, while ‘Cityman’ represents the Lumia 950XL. Both reportedly come with top-of-the-line specs including powerful Snapdragon processors, Iris scanners for Windows Hello, 20MP PureView cameras, wireless charging, USB Type-C and more. Check out the full specs for yourself if you don’t already have them memorized.
So now that Windows Phone Mobile will get the flagships it deserves, which of the two will you be picking up? Let us know in the poll below.

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