Poll: What would you like to see most on a Surface Phone?

The latest Lumia flagships are barely shipping out to customers, but as the case often is with technology, people are already looking forward to the next set of gadgets. Rumors are already swirling about a “Surface Phone.” It’s important to point out that not only is this device not officially confirmed to exist, but that even if it does exist, it might not be branded that way.
If a Surface Phone does arrive next year, it will likely be one of the highest anticipated devices Microsoft has made in years. It will carry the weight of the Windows 10 Mobile platform and be expected to be top of the line in everyway while simultaneously reinventing a product category, not an easy task. What would this Surface Phone look like? How would it be different from other Microsoft flagships? This week’s poll asks what would you like to see most on a Surface Phone.

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Every one of these features could be viewed as important. The stylus lets the hypothetical device stand up to the likes of the Galaxy Note series. Win32 apps would make it more of a pocket PC than any previous device. A kickstand would make it feel and function like a Surface, not to mention allow it to work better on desks. And the Surface branding would take the strength of the Surface name and give Microsoft’s phone line some of the good will earned from other Surface devices.
Vote in this week’s poll to share which feature is most important and share your thoughts in the comments below. This weekend we’ll discuss the poll results and share our own Surface Phone ideas.

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