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Poll: Is Microsoft invading your privacy with Windows 10?

Microsoft is about to begin rolling out Windows 10 Creators Update, with new features like Game Mode, Paint 3D, and improvements to the Edge Browser and Cortana among a long list of improvements. For some, however, Windows 10 is also bringing some unwanted "improvements" in the form of what appears to be an increasing love affair with presenting "ads" in the OS, and in continuing to track more and more user information in order to let Cortana do her thing.

A recent thread on Reddit has some users all up in arms again about Microsoft's on-by-default "keylogger," and the thread has garnered over 1700 comments in just one day. Basically, the settings are set to note "your typing and handwriting info to improve typing and writing services," which could indeed be loosely construed as a keylogger, especially if your tinfoil hat is positioned just right.

So has Microsoft gone to far in "invading your privacy?" Take our poll below and let us know what you think:

Are you upset by the seemingly ever more pervasive "intrusions" into your privacy, or do you like the way "more personal" computing on Windows 10 is heading? Let us know in the comments below

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