Poll: How often do you really use Microsoft Paint?

Microsoft Paint the basic drawing program users loved to hate, until it was "taken away" from them. The company included MS Paint in a list of applications to be deprecated in a blog post last week, and in one week Paint got more love than it's seen in years.

Now just to clarify, Paint isn't actually going anywhere, at least for a while, and when it does it will still exist as a free Windows Store app. Microsoft's newest venture into graphics creation, Paint 3D, is set to replace it, with an added 3D dimension, so while "Microsoft kills Paint" posts all did well, it was never really true.

Still, is the love for Paint just nostalgia, or do you really use it? Take our poll below and let us know:

Will you stick with MS Paint? Have you given Paint 3D a try? What other graphics programs do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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