Poll: Are you happy with the launch of Windows 10 Mobile?

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The launch of Windows 10 Mobile has been significantly more progressive than it’s bigger sibling Windows 10. With some devices such as the Lumia 950, 950 XL, and 650 officially running it for months, we’ve had a bit of an odd situation. We have an entire article going through the release of Windows 10 Mobile. Without rehashing the entire article here, it’s been complicated.

Some have been frustrated by a lack of communication from Microsoft. Others said the newer Lumias were running beta software. Defenders of Microsoft say that if Windows 10 isn’t ready that they shouldn’t release it. Opinions have boiled over and now with the official release of Windows 10 Mobile they have reached the apex.

On one hand, many have been waiting for months for the official release. Delays from when it was expected to launch had caused many to be rather hungry for the new operating system. Someone even went as far as threatening to kick Microsoft’s Gabe Aul in the face if it wasn’t released on the 17th (hopefully in gest).

Some will complain that there are devices that are currently unsupported. Others may be upset that 512MB devices won’t receive the update. The bottom line is that the new operating system is here and now we get to discuss it’s release cycle in full.

There were over 400 comments on the article breaking down the release of Windows 10 Mobile and over 1,200 votes on our poll about how Microsoft should approach the launch. Now that the launch is here, let us know your thoughts on the saga of Windows 10 Mobile being released.

We’ll discuss the official release of Windows 10 Mobile on the WinBeta Podcast as well as all the latest Microsoft news. Until then you can check the results of the poll as the update live.

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