Poll: What would your dream phone be like?

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This week we're going to mix things up a bit for the poll. Instead of having just one question we're going to have a series of questions on what your dream phone would look like. Mobile devices are some of the most personal devices and are likely in our hands more than any other electronic device. From screen size, to material, to on screen buttons we'll tally up to votes to determine the On MSFT (pronounced "On Microsoft" for those who have been asking) super dream phone.

Screen size

Some people like the high powered Lumia 1520 and its massive screen size. Others long for a day when a phone was truly a one handed device. Others like a happy medium. Which size do you want your dream phone to be? I've included ranges of sizes so phones like the 5.7 inch Lumia 950XL would fit in.

Body material

Personally I don't hate plastic looking phones as much as a lot of people seem to. But I also see how people want a premium device to have a premium feel.

On Screen buttons vs capacitive buttons

The Lumia line started moving away from capacitive buttons awhile ago but some still miss them. Zac and @scoots37 had a discussion on this on Twitter and I think it's worth figuring out what people's preference is.

It's been awhile since we've seen a new Lumia with on screen buttons but that design choice isn't rare in the mobile device business.

Operating system

Before I get a pile of Lumias thrown at me, let me just say that this is a worthwhile question. We are a Microsoft centric site but we have users on a variety of mobile operating systems.

Make sure to share other features and design choices you would want in your dream phone in the comments below.

Also make sure to tune into the WinBeta Podcast to hear us discuss our dream phones and the results of the poll. It's Zac's last WinBeta Podcast ever so make sure to check out this special episode.

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