Poll: Do you want a Surface Go?

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The day has arrived and Microsoft is now selling the “$399” Surface Go (it’s $399 for the base model, if you don’t want/need a keyboard or a pen). This latest member of the Surface family is smaller, lighter, and cheaper, but still packs a punch, and seems made for first line workers, students, and anyone wanting a highly portable device that can serve up a quick video while also getting some real work done.

So, do you see a Surface Go in your future? Take our poll below and let us know where you stand:

[polldaddy poll=10071106]

Our own Arif Bacchus got a quick hands on with the Surface Go at the NYC Microsoft Store this week, and he’s forking out the cash and Microsoft Points for one of his very own, and will be back with a full review next week. You can order a Surface Go from the Microsoft Store or a number of retail outlets. If you’re already in line to buy one, let us know what you think, or if you’re going to pass on the Surface Go, let us know about that, too.


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