Poll: Can Microsoft save Windows Phone?

Email Twitter: @Sean_Michael_UK Apr 13th, 2016 inNews

It probably gets talked about too much but based on the heated debate in the comment section of our most recent post about the future of Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile┬ápeople still want to talk about it. We’ve heard all the arguments before. The market share is low and getting lower. There’s an app gap. Microsoft supports other platforms better than their own. We’ve also heard the counter arguments about Continuum, the universal app strategy, various porting tools, and Microsoft placing Windows 10 Mobile on the back burner for now while they focus on other parts of their company.

This week’s poll asks the simple question “Can Microsoft save Windows Phone?”┬áThe term save is obviously subjective but most can agree that Microsoft at least needs to change the current direction of the platform. That being said, one of the options is “Windows Phone doesn’t need saving” just to cover all bases. As was the case in our recent article, this poll refers to the operating system as Windows Phone but refers to the overall mobile platform of Microsoft.

Let us know through the poll how you feel and share your reasoning in the comments below. We’ll discuss the results and our own views on the next WinBeta Podcast.

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