Poll: How should Microsoft approach releasing Windows 10 Mobile?

Sean Michael

Windows 10 Mobile is a significant upgrade in the mobile front for Microsoft. It brings Continuum, a more unified experience with its bigger sibling Windows 10, and has some major UI and layout improvements. It is not however perfect and it not yet available on all devices. This has led to some heated debate within the Microsoft community.

There were rumors as far back as the end of last year regarding an official rollout of Windows 10 Mobile. Recently the rumored February 29th date came and went but it looks like March may be the big month. What people seem to forget  is that Microsoft is not holding back a finished operating system just to mess with its fans.

Windows 10 Mobile was not ready at the end of last year. A quick glance at any our posts on Windows 10 Mobile shows that many not only viewed it as unfinished last year, they still don’t think it’s ready now.

Now it’s easy to point out that Windows 10 Mobile is working well on many devices at the moment. Personally it works great on my Lumia 930. Others have mixed reviews of how it performs, especially on low end devices.

So yes, in my opinion Windows 10 Mobile could have been officially released to select devices already. I think the release preview ring is evidence of that. But even that wasn’t true until relatively recently. It certainly wasn’t ready last November. I’m also not sure Microsoft wants to rollout an operating system to half its users.

I understand the frustration. I held off on upgrading my fiancé’s device because I didn’t want her running buggy software. She now says she wishes I did it sooner and likes Windows 10 Mobile quite a bit. Would that have been the case if I had upgraded her Lumia 640 in November and she had to deal with crashes and poor performance?

Generally I try to make these polls neutral. I put the question up and read the comments and discuss them and the results on the podcast but this week I thought I’d try a more opinionated approach.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and by voting and tune into the podcast this week to hear us discuss them. You can see the results update live as we go throughout the week.