Poll: Bill Gates has gone Android, have you?

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Earlier this week we noted that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now using an Android phone, but with “lots of Microsoft software.” Many other Microsoft employees and execs have moved off the withering Windows mobile platform, although Microsoft refuses to acknowledge the obvious, that Windows Phone in all its permutations is effectively dead.

If Bill Gates has switched, is that enough for you to finally let go of your beloved Lumia and join the dark side(s)? Or have you already? In this week’s poll, we ask what phone you’re using, and if you’re trying to stay loyal to Microsoft even while rocking an Android or iPhone. Let us know where you stand in the poll below:

On a personal note, I gave up and switched from my scratched up and battery challenged Lumia 950XL for a Samsung S8+ some time ago, and while I too have stuffed it with as much Microsoft goodness as I could find, I miss Windows 10 Mobile. I do have to say that it’s nice to not have to worry about if the latest app will work on my phone, but the lack of live tiles, and the need for apps for basic tasks that were just there on Windows is annoying. Like many of you, I’m waiting for a Surface Phone.

So, like Bill Gates, have you jumped ship? Are you clinging to your Windows Phone? Take our poll and let us know where you stand in the comments below.

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