Poll: Are you still using a Windows Phone?

Kip Kniskern

Photo of Windows phones lined up in a Microsoft store

Windows Phone has been dying a long slow death, and now hovers in “maintenance mode,” even though Microsoft is releasing a Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update this week, and support is set to continue through 2019, at least. Some of us jumped ship a long time ago, but some of you are hanging on, seemingly until the bitter end when your phone finally stops working.

Where do you stand, are you still a Windows Phone user? Will you hold out in hopes that a Surface Phone (should it be named Phoenix?) rises from the ashes? Did you just make a switch, or did you jump from the burning platform a long time ago? Take our poll below and let us know where you stand:

For bonus points, what Windows Phone are you using, if you are? Are you on the latest build? Is your phone still supported, or has Microsoft left you behind? Tell us your Windows Phone stories in the comments below, and good luck to you!