Poll: a foldable “Surface Phone” might just happen – do you want one?

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft watchers have been poring over US Patent Office filings recently, coming up with a number of gems related to a new foldable “Surface Phone” device that Microsoft is apparently working on. One fan even used the patent drawings for the basis of some pretty inspiring looking renders, and we have to say we’re intrigued.

There’s no official word from Microsoft, of course, and undertaking one more leap into the waters of mobile competition with giants like Google and Apple seems almost ludicrous. Still, former Windows phone users and Microsoft fans continue to hold out hope for a new Surface Phone.

So, if one did become available, would you want one? Take our poll below:

Have you been burned one too many times by Microsoft’s constantly failing mobile initiatives? Would you jump back in the fire if a foldable Surface Phone does hit the market? Let us know in the comments below.