Poki app for Pocket to launch on Windows 8.1 on May 21st

Hammad Saleem

Poki for Pocket to launch on Windows 8.1 on May 21st

By now, most of you should have a pretty good idea of what Pocket really is. It’s a service which give users the ability to save articles from their favorite websites and read them offline — there are times when we don’t have access to internet or are having connectivity issues so it comes in pretty handy for regular readers.

The service has a dedicated app for most platforms, except Windows and Windows Phone, but Poki for Pocket app makes sure you don’t miss the official app too much. It’s already available for Windows Phone and will soon make an appearance in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1. 

The developer announced Poki for Windows 8.1 will make its debut in the Windows Store on May 21st, if everything goes as planned (as spotted by Windows Central). It’s unlikely that it will be pushed back, but let’s just hope for the best, especially if you’re a regular Pocket user.

As a quick recap, Poki is a third-party Pocket client which give users the ability to make full use of the service. You can save links to Pocket from any device, and access it on your smartphone or tablet. Here’s a list of features Poki for Windows Phone has to offer — we’re hoping it will offer the same user experience and features on Windows as well as support for multiple themes — anyway, here they are:

  • Save online articles which you want to read and view later
  • Search by name, URL and tags. Even when offline
  • Collect achievements by being an avid reader
  • 4 app themes (light, gray, dark, black) and 5 reading themes
  • Listen to articles (even in the background) with automatic language detection
  • Automatically syncs with Pocket when closed
  • Update (favorite, archive, delete, add) items even when offline

We’ll update you as soon as the app is available for Windows 8.1, stay tuned to WinBeta for more.