That Pokemon Go petition for Windows phone and Windows 10 just hit 50,000 supporters

Kellogg Brengel

The Pokemon Go craze is continuing to sweep the nation, and soon, the world. As legions of mobile phone wielding Pokemon trainers roam our streets and parks, the Pokemon Go app has achieved quite a feat of overtaking Twitter’s daily active users on Android in just a week.

As with many new popular apps though, Windows Phone owners have again been left out in the cold only to watch this fad from a distance. Game developer Niantic chose to only release iOS and Android version of their Pokemon universe based augmented reality game.

Last week, we told you about some Pokemon Go Windows Phone-owning fans decided to start a petition on The petition creators argued for Pokemon Go to be brought to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

When we reported on the petition, it had only reached a little over 4,000 signatures. In just a few short days, the list of signatures has grown exponentially, surpassing the 50,000 mark. If you want to see a Windows 10 Mobile counterpart for Pokemon Go you can sign the petition at Meanwhile, we’ll continue to watch the petition and update on any significant changes.