Pokemon Go is back on Windows Phone as PoGo-UWP returns

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While the Pokemon Go hype died down some months ago, the developers of the PoGo-UWP application have not stopped their commitment to bringing the location-based augmented reality game to Windows Phone. As of 12 hours ago, Pokemon Go is back on Windows Phone, as the developer has released a new version of the that fixes PTC login, and addresses several other issues. The on-again off-again app had been broken due to previous API changes, and has remained non-working for the past 6 weeks or so.

Due to the fact that the app is unofficial, the new version addresses an API update on Niantic’s servers, which connect the players to the game. While using the app could get your Pokemon Go account banned, the new version also brings improvements to the overall game experience. For the complete details, check out the changelog below.

Known Issues:

  • Everything that you see in the issue tracker so please, again, search before opening a new issue!
  • Captcha feature is missing, meaning that this version is not 100% safe. We’re releasing this quick update just to allow you to play again while we deal with missing features.
  • Screen may flicker if proximity sensor is covered, even if game’s battery saver feature is disabled


  • Fixed API, game is now playable again!
  • A lot of cool stuff.

The PoGo-UWP team also explains on the GitHub download page that this release is a “quick update to API code to give you something to play with.” They mention that patience is required and they may need some time to get back on track and resume their development. For the complete details on how to install the latest 1.0.50 version, however, be sure to check out our Jack Wilkinson’s how to guide.


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