Plex for Xbox One will be available on October 7th, coming very soon for Xbox 360

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Plex for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 is available October 7th

The popular media streaming app Plex has made its way to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Plex enables users to stream their media to their devices. Now, Xbox owners can stream music, videos, and pictures from their home computer or Plex servers.

Plex is a great cross platform product to watch your content on your big screen. Xbox One and Xbox 360 have both done well as multimedia devices. With Plex, both Xbox devices improve their flexibility for file formats. If you have video files on your computer, Plex can stream them to your big screen.

Plex for the Xbox One will require a Plex Pass to use the free app. Eventually, the app will be offered for a one time fee without the requirement of a Plex Pass. On the Xbox One, Plex takes advantage of the Kinect to control media. Plex also will recommend content as well as stream users content.

Here are the key features of Plex, which launches tomorrow for Xbox One and ‘very soon’ for Xbox 360:

  • Your Plex Media Server makes your media library look beautiful by automatically collecting and displaying artwork, content ratings, plot summaries, and more for your media. Now, Plex for Xbox provides a new experience in your living room with a bold presentation that feels right at home on Xbox.
  • Plex for Xbox introduces new media discovery capabilities to the Plex experience. Plex users will now be presented with customized categories of content based on viewing habits. These customized categories will make it easy to discover new content, enjoy similar content (for example, based on genre or cast) and rediscover content that has not been viewed for a while.
  • Plex for Xbox also includes fan favorites like On Deck, which keeps track of shows you’re currently watching, allows you to easily continue watching where you left off, and automatically suggests next episodes.
  • Plex for Xbox, combined with Kinect, supports voice and gesture control, allowing users to navigate their Plex media library, view content, and control playback without picking up an Xbox controller.
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