Plex for Windows 10 update fixes tons of bugs and UI issues

Mark Coppock

Plex is a popular app for streaming video and other multimedia content within your own local network. Utilizing its own Plex Media Server, the solution then accesses centrally-organized media resources via client apps that run on various platforms. Today, Plex issued and update to the Windows 10 apps that fixes a ton of bugs and UI issues.

Here’s the changelog for version 3.0.33:

– (Video Player) Fixed an issue causing subtitle transcode descision to not be respected
– (Video Player) Fix a case where PostPlay would not auto-advance if the previous item auto-advanced
– Pressing backspace no longer navigates back when editing text fields in search and settings
– Client could incorrectly attempt to claim a server
– Don’t play theme music if there is already music playing
– (UI) Fixed “Now Playing” dialog when only one media type has been played
– (UI) Corrected breadcrumbs for Channels and photo albums
– (UI) It wasn’t possible to delete tracks or start a PlexMix after deleting a track
– (UI) The movie page summary block will no longer overlap details below it
– (UI) Position the smart-playlist popup correctly
– (UI) Remove gap above grids with no headers
– (UI) Don’t wrap director and writer content in video pre-play pages

If you’re using Plex, then go to the Windows Store and hit the update button to get your client all fixed up. Or, you can download the Windows 10 client via the link below, but remember that you’ll need to install the Plex Media Server first one whatever machine hosts your various media content.

Developer: Plex
Price: Free