Plex snags update on Windows and Windows Phone

Staff Writer

Plex is a service that allows you to stream your music, videos, and photo collections to any screen. When you stop viewing or listening to content on one screen, their app will remember where you left off and pick back up there if you move to another screen. The Plex app has today been updated for both Windows and Windows Phone.
The developers of Plex have been busy lately keeping their app up to date on the Windows platform. Just three weeks ago, Plex updated their Xbox One app with a new photo library view and the ability to skip 30 seconds forward amongst the feature list. Last month Plex updated their Windows Phone app that introduced several new features and fixes. The company is also hard at work developing a universal app for Plex, and they released a beta of that app last month.
Today’s update doesn’t bring any big new features to the app, but it does fix a few nasty bugs. Here’s a list of those fixes:

(WP) Fix bug where the app was unusable without internet connection due to 404 HTTP errors
(UI) Fix selection in Camera Upload comboboxes
(Camera Upload) Fix upload for library/album names containing leading/trailing spaces
Mark remote servers as unavailable when entering airplane mode
A number of user-reported crashes

You can download the app for free (with in-app purchases) from the Windows Store, and it can be accessed from the link below:

Developer: Plex
Price: Free