PlayOn brings streaming TV to Windows Phone

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jul 31st, 2014 inNews

PlayOn brings streaming TV to Windows Phone

If you aren’t familiar, PlayOn brings streaming TV to the big screen and computers, having apps for just about any platform a customer could want.  Users can utilize the service to watch TV shows just about anywhere, though some channels require a subscription, and a few even ask for proof of a subscription to a cable or satellite service. 

One platform missing from the lineup was Windows Phone, but that ends todays as two new apps debut for PlayOn — one for Windows Phone, and even one for PlayStation 4. 

“We also announced the availability of the PlayOn app for Windows Phone users and the rollout of the new, easier-to-navigate mobile interface. By downloading the new PlayOn app to a Windows Phone, customers can stream online content from PlayOn’s 100+ online channels to their smartphone”, the service announces. 

PlayOn is not free, but the prices are very reasonable and customers can choose from either an annual or lifetime subscription. Additional costs for some channels may be required, depending on what you wish to watch.

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