Playing Minecraft Java Edition? You’ll soon need a Microsoft account

Robert Collins

Minecraft Dungeons

In a move to align with its counterparts, Minecraft Java Edition will soon require users to sign in with a Microsoft Secured Account (MSA). This switch will take effect on March 10, and old non-Microsoft account logins will no longer be serviceable. The official Minecraft Twitter account stated that this is being done to make Java Edition more secure.

A Microsoft account is of course free, but now when you sign in to Minecraft Java Edition with your Microsoft account you will be prompted to purchase the game. But of course, you won’t have to purchase the game twice over: you will simply need to migrate your data in a process that promises to be a painless one which will only take a few minutes.

And don’t worry: all your stuff will carry over as well, even mods. And the Java Edition will remain unchanged, and will remain fully supported, so there are no worries there for Java Edition veterans. We all knew the day was coming, and in the end it will likely be for the best, since Java Edition players will now have added privacy and security while enjoying Minecraft.