PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) to get new Vikendi map next week -
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) to get new Vikendi map next week

The developers behind PUBG are releasing a new player map for fans of the game. The new map is a cold, wintery island which the developers are calling Vikendi, and will be available on January 22 for Xbox One and PS4 consoles as a free update. The new map focuses on tracking and discoverability, with the buildings having a bit of a European theme to them. In the words of the developers:

With only a third of the island untouched by snow, Vikendi is a tracker’s paradise. Fresh footprints across a sea of snow leave no question as to who has been there before. But while open fields and forests are abundant, there are also dozens of small villages dotting the entirety of the island.

The game normally comes in at $29.99 on the Microsoft Store, however those with an Xbox Game Pass membership can play it for free as long at they keep it active for the $9.99 per month price that it costs (although new members can subscribe for just $1 for the first month). Those interested in getting an early look at the map can also sign up to play in it early by joining the public test server in the Xbox Insider Hub app available in the Microsoft Store.

Developer: KRAFTON, Inc.
Price: Free

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