What do you get when you cross a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One?

The PlayBox 4One Mark II is now available for pre-order, now with a larger display and more

Earlier this year, we talked about an Xbox One-PlayStation 4 hybrid device that combined both consoles into a laptop form factor. The PlayBox is the work of independent designer/builder Eddie Zarick who spends countless hours hand-building the console-hybrid for those looking for such a device. Now, the new PlayBox 4One Mark II is available for pre-order.

The Mark II still features the same two consoles but now features some added improvements, namely the larger 24” 1080p Visio display instead of the older 22” one. The new displays are also smart displays meaning that they have built in Wi-Fi and provide access to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and iHeart Radio without having to power on the Xbox or PlayStation first. There’s also a HDMI Out port for those that plan to hook the device up to their TV at home.

The PlayBox 4One Mark II is now available for pre-order, now with a larger display and more

While the increase in screen size also makes the device slightly larger, it allows for more room inside the system - which is already very tightly packed - for better air flow and ventilation. Both consoles within the unit have not been tampered with hardware wise, so the processors aren’t overclocked and there’s no watercooling or anything that may cause you to be banned from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, however the warranty of the individual systems are no longer valid as you can expect.

The PlayBox 4One Mark II sells for $2,595 (plus extras and shipping) and you can customize your device with different colors and accents. The device does cost more than buying both consoles individually, but remember that you are also getting a built-in display, a form factor that is easier to carry around, and you’re also paying for it being hand-made to meet your individual tastes and needs.

If you’re interested, head over to www.playbox4one.com for all the ordering information. Do note that there is a waiting list so the sooner you order, the sooner you’re going to get your unit. Let us know what you think of the PlayBox 4One in the comments section below.

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