Play My Emails with Cortana in Outlook for iOS start rolling out in the US

Jonny Caldwell

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Cortana integration is officially rolling out to the Outlook mobile app for iOS users. Individuals in the US should be able to test the new feature right away by downloading the the beta version of it via Apple’s Testflight app on iOS and iPadOS.

Dubbed “Play My Emails”, the new Cortana feature can not only read aloud emails for the user to listen to, but also receive voice imput to allow for various actions after the message has been read. For example, a user could ask Cortana to “flag this email for followup”. Users also have the options of replying, skipping, archiving, as well as deleting without even touching the devices screen.

Microsoft also demonstrated in a video that this feature is designed for people on the move. Users should be able to find this especially useful while behind the wheel in their vehicles, or while performing general chores or errands. The company also highlights the use of AI to make to help Cortana personalize the experience for the user.

While iOS users will be among the first to be able to take advantage of the new Cortana features in Outlook, Microsoft promised Android users will also get the same treatment at a later date.

Do you think Cortana’s new enhanced integration with Outlook to read emails will be useful to you? Let is know what you think in the comments area below.