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Homefront: The Revolution is now available to download and play on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. The title is a first-person shooter set in an expansive open-world environment. It features both a single player campaign mode and a multiplayer co-op mode. Here’s the official game description:

Four years into the brutal military occupation, America is on its knees. Philadelphia - once the birthplace of Independence - has become a ghetto, where surveillance drones and armoured patrols keep the population at heel, crushing any dissent with savage force.

Her once-proud citizens live in a police state, forced to collaborate just to survive, their dreams of freedom long since extinguished.

But in the badlands of the Red Zone, in the bombed out streets and abandoned subways, a Resistance is forming. A guerrilla force, determined to fight for their freedoms despite overwhelming odds and ignite the second American Revolution.

But Freedom always has a price…

The game is a sequel to the 2011 Homefront game which was released on Windows, Xbox 360, and Sony’s PlayStation 3. This latest entry in the series had been planned for a while but was significantly delayed after Homefront’s publisher, THQ, filed for bankruptcy. Crytek acquired the rights in 2013 and had been working on The Revolution but they eventually sold the rights to Koch Media and development was transferred to Dambuster Studios.

Homefront: The Revolution is being sold in two different versions. The standard release of Homefront: The Revolution comes with just the game but the Freedom Fighter Bundle comes with the game and a host of extras such as rare combat gear, motorbike and pistol skins, weapon unlocks, single player expansions, and special co-op bonuses.

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Buy Homefront: The Revolution Freedom Fighter Bundle on Xbox One

Buy Homefront: The Revolution on Xbox One

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