Play Gears of War as your favorite rappers in Run the Jewels Air Drop

If you’re both a Gears of War and hip-hop fan, then there will be exciting times ahead. The Gears of War developer has announced that you can now Play Gears of War 4 as your favorite Run the Jewels rappers in Run the Jewels Air Drop.

The announcement comes after rappers EL-P and Killer Mike lent their voices and music to Gears of War 4. So, as part of their ongoing partnership with Xbox and The Coalition, the rappers will be available as playable characters for Versus Multiplayer and Horde 3.0.  This also marks the first time two recording artists have been reimagined as playable characters in the Gears of War franchise or any Xbox game.

Run the Jewels GOW 4 DLC

Run the Jewels GOW 4 DLC

As seen above, the Run the Jewels Air Drop includes the EL-P and Killer Mike characters, and also 18 themed emblems, bounties, and RTJ inspired weapons skills. And as an added bonus, starting today, two of the most popular Gears of War Legacy Maps will also make their debut in Gears of War 4 with the addition of Checkout and Drydock. According to the Xbox team, season pass holders receive early access to these maps as part of the Developer Playlist with full public availability scheduled for November 8.

For more information on Run the Jewels, and their upcoming tour, plus the Run the Jewels x Gears of War clothing, you can head over to their official website. Once you’ve checked it out come back to WinBeta and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment in the section below!

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