Planning Maps Get More Affordable

Getmapping has announced a new monthly account for its online ‘Planning Required’ planning map service ( Architects, home improvement companies and professionals who are regular users of the service will benefit from significant savings when they sign up for accounts. With a single bill for multiple transactions the monthly account will deliver both savings and convenience.

Launched in 2010 the Planning Required service is used by thousands of architects, developers and members of the public who need to submit a site and block plan as part of a planning application. Planning Required provides an easy and quick way to order site plans in the format required by Local Authorities.

Planning Required also offers a premium service which provides a full map preview and the ability to use online tools to mark out areas and annotate the map, particularly useful for picking out precise details and ensuring that the application is easy to understand and interpret. In both cases the maps can be delivered by post or downloaded immediately as high resolution PDF files. Maps come in four different scales dependent on the Local Authority requirement, split into site plan and location plan: 1:200, 1:500, 1:1250, 1:2500. Over half of Planning Required customers currently use the premium service.

“The Planning Required service has delivered many thousands of planning maps since its launch in 2010. The ‘quick and simple’, no fuss approach, has proved to be very popular with people who want to do things promptly. For heavy users of the service, we are now able to offer a quicker more affordable solution, the monthly account,” said Chris Kelly, Getmapping’s Marketing Manager. A monthly invoice is much easier than multiple credit card transactions and we hope our regular customers approve,” continued Kelly.

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