Planner tab in Teams gets Schedule, Charts views

Email Twitter: @laurentgiret Apr 25th, 2018 inNews

If you do like to use the Planner tab in Microsoft Teams, the company has just announced that the Planner Teams app has just gained more features from the web version. The first new feature is Schedule view (as seen in the featured image above), which lets you see all upcoming tasks and move them around in the calendar.

The second new feature added to the Planner Teams app is Charts view, which gives you a complete overview of the current status of your plans. You’ll also notice Filter and Group by Buckets options on the right in case you need to surface certain tasks.

All these new features should now be available for everyone using the Planner tab in Microsoft Teams. If you have yet to try using Planner within the team communication hub, you can get learn how to add a Planner tab to a team channel on this support page.

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