Pivotal Cloud Foundry now supported in Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft has announced that Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now supported in Microsoft Azure. The announcement, initially made by Sean McKenna, a Principal Program Manager at Azure Compute, comes as a Microsoft commitment to matching customers with the platforms and tools to help organizations meet the challenge that comes with development, operational productivity gains, and reliability and portability.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry puts emphasis on enterprise Java applications, as it ships with first-class support for Spring, an application framework well suited to building 12-factor apps. It also comes as the Azure team worked with the Cloud Foundry community to deliver open source Cloud Foundry on Azure, which became GA in November of last year. Additionally, Customers who use  Pivotal Cloud Foundry in Azure will benefit from a cloud platform that helps simplify operations through the support of many popular application stacks.

To learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry be sure to head over to this Microsoft Webpage. Once you've checked it out, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!

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