Pinned channels are coming to Microsoft Teams soon

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Teams app icon

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, you might often be switching between different channels to communicate with your coworkers. If you have a lot of channels, the process can be quite messy, but that will soon change. Microsoft is now planning the addition of an ability to pin channels in Microsoft Teams (via Office365ItPros.)

The new feature was originally mentioned in the Office 365 roadmap and is codenamed with the number 55369. It’s set for a release for all Teams users on desktop and browser by the end of October 2019, and is currently labeled as “in development.”

Once fully rolled out, you can stay more organized and keep track of work happening in important Teams channels by pinning. Once pinned, an important Channel will be moved to the top of your Channel list for more easy access. You can pin the channel by clicking the “…”  and then choosing the “Pin” option. You can even pin multiple channels, and drag and drop them to any order you please.

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