Pickit adds images and concepts from noted presenter Hans Rosling in new Office campaign

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“A picture is worth a thousand words,” says the popular aphorism, and if you’re a heavy user of Word and Powerpoint then you may know that good pictures can really help to keep your audience engaged. That’s pretty much the purpose or Pickit an Office add-in that lets users insert high quality visuals from the Pickit global photography community into their Word, Powerpoint, and Sway documents.

The Pickit add-in is completely free to use and features easy access to organized collections of stock photos, icons and illustrations without leaving Office. And starting this week, Office users can enjoy a new image collection called “Talk Like a Rosling” inspired by statistician and popular TED talker Hans Rosling and the new project from his team at Gapminder, Dollar Street. “Hans Rosling with his signature presentation style has helped reshape worldview by pivoting on vibrant animated visualizations, that convey the message behind the data,” explained Microsoft in a blog post announcing the new image collection.

Pickit Hans Rosling

The company also published the following video to help you get started with the Office add-in:


The Pickit add-in Office is currently available for Office 2013 and 2016 on Windows 10 as well as Office 2016 on Mac, and it works with PowerPoint, Word, and Sway (which has no Mac app for now). You can download the add-in from the Office Store in the Office apps or from the web.

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