Photos app in Windows 8.1 no longer has Facebook or Flickr support

Windows 8

For those of you who use the Photos app in Windows 8, you will notice that the app will pull pictures from your SkyDrive along with your Facebook and Flickr uploads. Well, in Windows 8.1, you can say good bye to this ability to pull from Facebook or Flickr.

Microsoft has revealed that the software giant will be removing certain functionality from the Photos app for Windows 8.1. This functionality includes support for images on network storage, along with Facebook and Flickr integration. The Photos app, instead, features its own photo editing capabilities and Microsoft is making this move since there are other apps available in the Windows Store that offer this functionality.

Microsoft is also using this to push Facebook and Flickr to create their own Windows Store app offering the same functionality. Unfortunately for Microsoft, users are beginning to complain about this change in the official Microsoft support forums.

“In Windows 8, we wanted to provide a way for folks to view their photos on other services knowing there would be few (if any) apps in the store at launch that would do so. Now there are many apps in the store that offer ways to view photos on other services and soon there will even be a Facebook app from Facebook. We’re confident Facebook will offer great ways to view and engage socially with photos on Facebook. We welcome Flickr to do the same. In addition, the People app still offers the ability to socially engage with your friends and even your own photos,” Microsoft stated in an official support forum.

So there you have it. Does this change affect you or do you already utilize a third-party app to achieve similar functionality?

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