Photos app on Windows 10 Mobile supposedly getting "instant photo album and auto-enhance"

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Microsoft might be improving the Photos app on Windows 10 Mobile with two new features, according to a discovery by the folks at NPU. Buried at the footnotes of Microsoft’s official Windows Phone webpage is a sentence that claims the Photos app will be receiving “instant photo album” creation and “auto-enhance” features in an upcoming update.

On Windows 10 Mobile, the photo album experience is viewable at launch if created on Windows 10 PC. Full functionality on Windows 10 Mobile, with instant photo album and auto-enhance, scheduled for Fall 2015 update.

The interesting thing is the reference to a Fall 2015 update. Fall 2015 is almost over and we’ve yet to see this update, so we’ll see if this even happens. You can already create photo albums manually on the Photos app, and these two new features (if they do arrive) would be appreciated by those who use the Photos app regularly.
What other features do you want to see in the Photos app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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