Microsoft began work on Windows on Arm (WOA) long before the original iPad

Microsoft recently released a new Building Windows 8 blog post which talked about the development of Windows on ARM (WOA). With that blog post, a photo of a post-RTM version of Windows 7 was revealed. Details of this photo reveal that Microsoft has been working on Windows on ARM for longer than we though, a lot longer in fact.

The recent Building Windows 8 blog post revealed many new features and details about Windows on the ARM processor architecture. Along with the blog post, a video and a couple of photos were revealed. One of the photo’s is of a ASUS phone, running a post-RTM version of Windows 7. This special version of Windows 7 is running on an ARM processor.

First seen on iStartedSomething, taking a look at the photo details reveal that Microsoft have been working on WOA for a long time, even before the original iPad launched back in 2010. The photo was taken on the 22nd of January 2010, almost a week before the iPad was set for announcement.

Microsoft revealed Windows on ARM almost a year later at CES 2011. Which is understandable, since porting the code from one architecture to another was pretty complicated. Even today, Windows on ARM is still unstable according to Microsoft.

So, it looks like both companies have had their eye on ARM for a while, even if they hadn’t been talking about it. Is ARM really the way forward in the tablet market?

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