Is your phone stuck installing W10M 14342.1001? Here’s the workaround (updated)

Reports are swirling online about Windows Insiders being stuck on the logo screen when trying to install the latest Windows 10 Mobile build 14342, released late Monday afternoon Redmond time (we’ve posted on what’s new, what’s fixed, and known issues for 14342).

The workaround, if you can call it that, is simply to wait, and wait some more. From a Microsoft Answers post comes this bit of information from Jason from the Windows Insider team:

Hello Insiders,

We are seeing reports of users getting stuck at the Windows logo screen after the post-install reboot for build 14342.1001.  We’re actively looking into this issue.

Workaround:  although much longer than usual, waiting 30-40 minutes at the Windows logo screen allows the device proceeds as normal with data migration and finishing the install.

If you hit this issue, please wait this extended time and allow the install to complete.  It is also recommended to plug your device into a charger to help prevent excessive battery drain while the update process completes.

If you hit this issue during the install process and waiting the noted time doesn’t allow the device to finish the install, please share details here.  We’ll post continued updates in this thread. as needed.

Thank you,

For whatever reason, whatever is “stuck” eventually unsticks, and your phone will continue to update as normal.

So if you’re stuck looking at a Windows logo screen, as nice as it is, resist the temptation to resort to desperate measures, plug your phone in, and simply wait.

Update – Jason has added more to his Microsoft Answers post:

*edit* 2016.05.16 @ 19:50 PST

For some users, waiting 30-40 minutes didn’t complete the install.  Looks like forcing a reboot will help in this situation.  If you have waited and the install did not continue, do the following:

  • Hold the Power + Volume Down keys for 11 seconds
  • The device will vibrate and reboot
  • Allow the device to reboot
  • Device should continue with installation
  • If the device again stops at the Windows logo screen, please leave the device connected to a charger and wait

This bug, while a bit painful to work through, does not break your device.  Please be patient during this update and your device will complete it as expected.

Let us know if you have problems with your phone in the comments below.

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