Phone maker publicly says 'No' to Windows Phone 7

You would think that some companies would jump on the idea of having Windows Phone 7 operating system on their smartphones, but not this company. Smartphone maker ZTE has stepped up to the microphone and publicly expressed their disinterest in Windows Phone 7.

As NetworkWorld reports, Smartphone maker ZTE believes that the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system is "not popular enough" and that Microsoft has made little effort to make it popular. As a result, ZTE sees no reason to put a unpopular operating system on their phones.

This kind of bad publicity is not what Microsoft wants to hear as it is trying to boost the popularity of its Windows Phone operating system in the smartphone arena.

Even an executive from LG has said that Microsoft's marketing campaign for Windows Phone operating system has made "the visibility less than expected."

Perhaps people don't fancy a Metro UI?

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