Xbox One and Philips “Hue lights” use the game Chariot to illuminate your living room

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Philips Hue Lights

Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, has just tweeted about a new Philips light experience available to Xbox One owners playing the game Chariot.

Light maker, Philips, has teamed up with game developer studio Frima to sync their Hue lighting experience with the studios platform adventure game on the Xbox One . Through integration the Xbox One interacts with the gameplay and results in Philips Hue Lights simulating colors or ‘moods’ as back lighting. The colors or modes being displayed are meant to associate with the gameplay that is occuring on screen at the time.

When enemies attack, Hue lights blink red. When colourful plants bloom, their colors are reflected in the room. From subtle shifts to sudden bursts, everything onscreen is reflected in a Hue-enabled space. 

Chariot arrived into the Xbox “Games With Gold” subscription service last year. The game was created under the [email protected] program that allows independent developers to self-publish for Xbox and Windows. Chariot is the perfect game to showcase this light technology as there are plenty of colors in the game for the Hue lights to showcase. This exclusive Xbox One experience is officially available right now for owners of both an Xbox One and a set of Philips Hue Lights.

Chariot’s integration may remind you of the IllumiRoom project Microsoft Research was reported to be working on. As you may recall, IllumiRoom used projectors to extend a Xbox game onto the walls surrounding a gamers screen. If you were a little disappointed when Microsoft dropped support for the Xbox IllumiRoom project, this might be a good alternative.