Phil Spencer talks Xbox first-party games: high-quality, diverse first-party lineup is our goal

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Since the inception of the Xbox One console in 2013, it has been met with constant attacks over its scarce, and often lacking, first-party lineup of games. When looking to the likes of Microsoft’s competitors in the gaming arena, Sony and Nintendo, it is clear that Microsoft has been lagging behind.

Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is no stranger to this criticism. Time-and-time again he has taken to Twitter to discuss the first-party lineup. Many have applauded him for focusing on it, but the results of his words have yet to be seen. In defence, Spencer has taken to Twitter, in response to a common raised by IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, to discuss why the first-party lineup for Xbox One is still lacking:

Spencer takes note of Microsoft’s success with its hardware (Xbox One X) and platform (Xbox Live). Both of which are arguably ahead of their competitors. As noted, Microsoft continues to work on growing its first-party lineup, but Spencer says that the reason it is taking time is that, well, because it does. Their goal isn’t to have a large range of first-party titles that don’t deliver satisfaction to customers, but instead to have a “high quality and diverse 1P” games.

Finishing, Spencer says that they can obtain results with first-party as they have done with their hardware and platform, it will just take time.

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