Phil Spencer says: Microsoft is making "amazing progress" on Xbox Scorpio

The Xbox Scorpio has been a very interesting subject for many console gamers around the world. Many reports and official information has surfaced revealing more and more about Microsoft's next step in gaming and today we might have some more progress on the matter.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer revealed, in a tweet, that they are making amazing progress and that they are feeling good about the schedule which means that the Xbox Scorpio should be released in time.

Spencer commented in a interview that the development was shaping up pretty good, as reported by GameSpot.

"There is a lot of time to go, but we feel good about how the things are coming together,"

He is very open about how the console is evolving and what the progress is and so far it's only been positive since it's "reveal" at E3 2016. The reveal was actually to allow developers to get ready for the hardware and code the games in time for it to have a few launch titles supporting it's raw power and the true 4K gaming.

"The teams understand the performance spec that we're building. We went through some of the high-level specs at E3 in the video. And it gives the teams time to make sure that they're targeting that performance for their games. Luckily so many of both our internal teams and partners are also building on PC."

"So it's not hard for us to say, 'Okay this is the PC spec that you can expect with what we're building on Scorpio,' so it allows them to make sure they have the assets and capability to deliver. Since we're focusing on a box that can support true 4K and a 4K frame buffer and a lot of PC games already support that; it's not a new language or asset base for them in terms of things that we're asking them to go do. I'm also pretty confident in the content lineup that we'll see."

Microsoft describes Scorpio as the "most powerful console ever made" and that may indeed be true. But will it cost twice a gaming PC that can deliver better performance? We will see. For now, you will have to wait and stay with us on the latest news.

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