Phil Spencer says he’ll let Nintendo add Banjo Kazooi characters to Super Smash Bros

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, confirmed on Twitter that he is open to have the characters from Banjo Kazooie be in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch. Banjo and Kazooie would join the new character lineup that includes the Ice Climbers, Mario, Falco, and many more in the newest installment in the Super Smash Brothers series.

It is great news for Banjo Kazooie fans and Xbox fans in general. While we may not be able to play Super Smash Brothers on Xbox anytime soon, it’s good to see Xbox and Nintendo playing nice. With Sony blocking cross-platform play on Fortnite, it’s great to see Microsoft and Nintendo playing nice.

However, while Spencer opened the door to allowing Banjo Kazooie be in Super Smash Bros, Nintendo has yet to confirm whether or not Banjo Kazooie will be in the new character lineup. Stay tuned.

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