Phil Spencer puts a timeframe on Windows 10 Beta for the Xbox, will take place “post-summer”

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Microsoft’s Xbox division has done their very best to be as clear and open about the development going on with Xbox as of late. As a result of bungled messaging, the Xbox One presumably lost a lot of its appeal right out of the gate. A new team got put in place, and this new team has kept reticent on ‘promises, dates and features’ until they could deliver. For better or for worse this strategy has kept many eager early adopters frustrated. Because of that, the Xbox team’s silence results typically in unconfirmed rumors and speculation from pent-up demand and user curiosity. Over the past few months, Microsoft and the Windows team have spoken on behalf of the Xbox team that has added more fuel to a rising fire.

At the Windows 10 reveal in January, the unification of Windows in Windows 10 glossed on its presence on the Xbox One at some point. However, at the event there were no screenshots of a new UI, no talk of how the Store would work, and not even a mention of when it would happen. Again, at Build 2015, the last few minutes of a 3-hour long keynote finally found themselves dedicated to gaming, but nothing substantial for the Xbox was mentioned. The vague mentions of Windows 10 for the Xbox had many speculating that, at the very least, during conferences at E3, Xbox One users would finally have an explanation as to the ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ of Windows 10 for Xbox.

Concerned Xbox One users had some questions answered with a simple tweet from Phil Spencer recently. The head of the Microsoft Xbox division puts a ‘post summer’ time frame on the when the Xbox will go into Windows 10 beta mode.

Now, the tweet by itself puts a review period on a beta program, but there are no mentions as to when users can expect to see screenshots of proposed UI and UX changes. There is also no mention of what, if any, announcements at E3 may touch upon the Windows 10 development.  Windows 10 and a unified Windows Store slated for general use by the end of the summer. It seems like E3 might be a decent platform to warn users of the upcoming changes, (if they apply to the console at all). There is a lot of Windows 10 news that has yet to be explained. There is even more news regarding the future of the Xbox One that needs to be addressed. Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll start to get some of those questions answered.

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