Phil Spencer in Japan next week talking to third-party publishers to bring more to Xbox

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Fans of Xbox and in particular, Xbox One, have long-called for more role-playing games to come to the platform, especially those from Japan. The console suffers from a distinct lack of titles from this genre, to many fans’ disappointment. Xbox’s Phil Spencer, however, is fully aware of this hole in the game library for Xbox and is heading to Japan next week to try and bring more to the platform.

On Twitter, when asked specifically about Kotor, Spencer said that he’s “not the person to talk about it’s [sic] future.”

Later, Spencer was asked about more JRPG’s for Xbox, to which he said he is visiting Japan to meet with third-party publishers for this very reason:

While we don’t currently have confirmation that any JRPG’s will be coming to Xbox in the future, it is good to see that Spencer is working to build ties with game publishers in Japan to try and bring more to the platform.

Are there any specific games you’d like to see on Xbox? Let us know below!

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