Petition aims to show Microsoft "the demand" for a Surface Phone -
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Petition aims to show Microsoft "the demand" for a Surface Phone

Windows Phone fans are no stranger to petitions. We've had petitions for all sorts of things in the past, from saving Windows 10 Mobile, to helping bring Pokemon Go to Windows 10 Mobile. So far, none of them have really brought any measurable results.

With reports of Microsoft postponing and possibly cancelling its as-yet unannounced Andromeda project, a fan who wants to see the Surface Phone saved, Microsoft's secret Andromeda project, is petitioning to gain signatures to show Microsoft "the demand" for the product.

The petition, on, has already gained over 6,300 signatures in just over a day of being live. One signatory, Kevin, gave a reason for signing to show the demand for the Surface Phone, saying:

For six months I have been stuck on Android. The only way I could cope was knowing that the Surface Phone would be coming out some time in the next year. I have to get back to Windows on my phone, but I would much rather it be via an official device than hacking Windows for ARM on an old device.

Are you wanting Microsoft to re-enter the mobile space with the highly-anticipated Surface Phone, or do you think it's right that they postpone the project and get it right, or cancel it altogether? Let us know in the comments below!

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