People app in Windows 8 detailed, brings email and social contacts to the cloud

In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft details the new People app in the comany’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, which is currently at a Release Preview (Release Candidate) stage. This new People app brings a user’s email and social contacts to the cloud.

Most of us have an address book or contact list that we frequently use to see who we want to communicate with or share information to. Microsoft thought about how it could improve Windows 8 to make common people-based activities such as emailing, video calls, social updates, and comments, easier. “The People app in Windows 8 is a modern take on the flat contact lists of the past–it’s built for the way you communicate today, and it’s connected to the cloud services you already use. The People app connects to your email and social accounts, bringing together all your contacts (and what they’re up to) in one convenient place,” Microsoft adds.

With the new People app in Windows 8, a user can have simple unified contact card for each person they have stored in the app as well as keep these contact cards in the cloud, so the information can be accessed later. Privacy is important, that’s why the user can “decide what you share with whom across your home, work, and social networks.” Best of all, the People app is based on the Metro design language and is not only fast, but also fluid. This app also works well with the Share charm. Have you tried it out yet in the Release Preview?

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