Microsoft files Trademark application for “HoloPet”, are virtual pets on the way?

Email Twitter: @Sean_Michael_UK May 29th, 2015 inNews

Virtual Pet on HoloLens

Microsoft has a pending trademark titled “HoloPet.” The description for the trademark does not explicitly mention HoloLens, but this wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen a holographic pets from Microsoft.

During one of the BUILD keynotes showcasing the wearable technology now in development, a holographic dog named Fang was shown off briefly. If HoloPet does refer to virtual pets it seems that they are off to a good start. Below is the video of the HoloLens demonstration, if you want to see Fang, jump to around the 1:10 mark, though if you haven’t seen this demonstration before it’s worth watching the whole thing.

The Goods and Services description found on Trademarks 411  (via Windows Central) is a bit vague: “Computer software; operating system software; virtual reality software; computer software, namely, software for setting up, operating, configuring, and controlling wearable hardware and wearable computer peripherals.”, but it looks like the HoloLens could be populated by more than just people.

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