PC Settings in Windows 8.1 now much more organized, as seen in build 9415

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Pc settings in windows 8. 1

For those curious, Windows 8.1 will feature a much more organized and comprehensive PC Settings app. As seen in Windows 8.1 Enterprise build 9415, PC Settings is now much different than what we have been used to seeing in Windows 8.

As you can compare between the two screenshots, the one at the top of this post is from Windows 8.1 while the one seen below is from Windows 8. It is obvious that Microsoft has been working hard to integrate more of the Control Panel into the PC Settings app. Until we get our hands on the public preview build of Windows 8.1, we won't really know the extent of the chances in the PC Settings app.

We can see a "Top Settings" category on the main page of the PC Settings app. This allows users to quickly adjust the Lock screen image, Account image, and Picture password settings with ease. Although the majority of these changes are a welcome addition to those of us on a PC, this new PC Settings app only makes things easier to find and adjust for those on a mobile device.

Stay tuned, June 26th is almost here. On that day, we are all expecting to get our hands on the preview build of Windows 8.1. Microsoft is also holding the Build 2013 developer conference as well and the company is expected to speak more about the new update.

Pc settings in windows 8

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