PayPal updates their Windows Phone app to enable direct payments through PayPal Here

PayPal updates their Windows Phone to enable direct payments through PayPal HereWindows Phone’s PayPal app has been updated to include the functionality of paying with your phone. This function is greatly appreciated by PayPal users who prefer not use cards. While this functionality is appreciated, the vendor needs to be using PayPal Here.

PayPal Here is an app which works as a cash register to accept payments on phones. The app accepts payments via PayPal or via the debit/credit card reader. It was rumored that PayPal was working on bringing PayPal Here to Windows Phone, but that is still just on the horizon.

Users can also find businesses using PayPal Here with the standard PayPal app. When companies sign up to use PayPal here, they can input their business information which enables discoverability of their business. PayPal is established as a modern banking solution and is trying to break into the point of sale market currently dominated by Square. PayPal is competing by trying to make it easier to use their services together and give customers a more predictable shopping experience. 

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