PayPal releases another update to its Windows Phone app, removes “working on an improved app” message

Jack Wilkinson

Earlier today, we reported that PayPal had updated its Windows Phone app in order to disable it, after announcing it was ending support for Windows Phone. The update, at least for customers in the UK, stated that the company was working on a “brand new PayPal app.” However, the firm has just released another update that removes this message.

The new message displayed on the PayPal app

The message now states that their “Windows app is no longer available.” This latest turn of events is certainly an unusual one – going from “working on a new app” to “our app is no longer available,” as well as releasing two updates to an apparently discontinued app in just one day. At the moment, it is hard to tell what PayPal’s plans are for Windows, if they even have any. With a grain of salt, we would assume that they are working on a new app, but the message wasn’t meant to be showing and thus the subsequent removal of it.

One final point to take away from all this is that the company put effort into designing the splash screen showing the message, as well as updating the logo, both on the tile and in the app. If, as some believe, PayPal is abandoning the Windows platform, then they are definitely putting a lot of effort into their departure.

We’ll keep a close eye on the PayPal saga and as always, we will keep you up to date on any future developments.