Official PayPal app comes to the Windows Phone, and it looks good

The official PayPal app has just hit Windows Phone. It incorporates elements of Metro Modern UI as well as PayPal’s recently revamped web interface. For those of you who use PayPal and have a Windows Phone, this is a welcome addition to your app collection!

The app includes the following features:

  • Send and Request Money – Whether you want to send a money gift or pay off a loan from a friend—sending money is easy and FREE (when using Bank or Balance as a funding source)
  • Manage your Account – Check your balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions—anytime, anywhere
  • Additional Features – New “Local” feature where you can find local merchants who are using our Paypal Here™ service and pay them with PayPal. Online or on-the-go, your financial information is always safe and secure with PayPal.

It’s important that Microsoft gets these core apps onto the Windows Phone platform, as they allow it to be taken seriously by newcomers who say, “Windows Phone has no apps.” Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more cornerstone apps make their way onto Windows Phone with beautiful Modern interfaces. The more apps Windows Phone is able to get, the more market share it has a potential to take, and the more market share it takes, the more apps it gets.

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