PayPal Here payment app for Windows and Windows Phone, pilot testing in early 2015

Email Twitter: @fahdriyami Nov 18th, 2014 inNews

PayPal Here app for Windows and Windows Phone to go into pilot testing in early 2015

Windows and Windows Phone users will soon enjoy the benefits of using a credit-card scanner from PayPal called PayPal Here. The scanner itself will be the same one currently available to iOS and Android users, but the eBay-owned company will soon be pilot testing its Windows and Windows Phone apps.

In an email PayPal sent to a reviewer who enquired about the app and forwarded to Windows Central, PayPal had the following to say:

“Good new – we are working on PayPal Here for Windows right now and would like to invite you to participate in the pilot program in January-February 2015. As a pilot merchant, you will receive a reader and an early version of the app and your feedback will help shape the future of the product. The app will first be available on Windows 8.1, then Windows Phone 8.1.” – Paypal Here team

It’s good to see PayPal committing to Microsoft-based platforms as it would carry Windows-based devices into the mobile banking industry, an industry where Microsoft has yet to dip its own fingers in. Check out the video below on how PayPal Here works.

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